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What does virtual clinic mean?

A virtual clinic is a platform for clinical consultation, medical advice, and remote treatment planning through digital platforms like computers, tablets or smartphones.

How do I set up a virtual clinic?

To set up a virtual clinic, first click on the ‘Register a Clinic’ button on the login screen and complete the steps shown in the registration process. These steps would include providing us with information related to your practice so we can ensure your eligibility as a registered health practitioner. Patients will be able to connect with you based on your stated specialty.

Can a virtual doctor prescribe medicines through the hiCare Clinic platform?

Yes, hiCare Clinic has an e-prescription feature that enable practitioners to remotely issue prescriptions to their patients. This feature is only available for the enterprise version in the US.

Does Medicare pay for virtual doctor visits? How do you bill these virtual visits?

Yes, providers will be reimbursed by CMS for virtual visits. You can use remote patient monitoring CPT codes to bill for e-visits. Contact us by emailing hiCare.Support@hiCare.Clinic to know more about CPT codes and which CPT codes you can utilize.

Can hiCare Clinic be integrated with existing EMR/EHRs?

Yes, hiCare Clinic can be integrated with existing EMR/EHRs. Contact us at hiCare.Support@hiCare.Clinic to know more about integrations with existing EMR/EHRs.

Is hiCare Clinic open to all providers from various medical specialties?

Yes, hiCare Clinic caters to all types of providers including medical physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists and veterinarians, among others.

Will hiCare Clinic continue to develop in the future?

Yes, hiCare Clinic is a solution developed for the new age digital healthcare era. We are constantly looking to upgrade and improve our platform so as to make it easier for providers to grow and conduct telehealth services with ease in a more efficient manner.

Who is hiCare Clinic for?

hiCare Clinic is meant for hospitals, clinics, and health practitioners to connect with patients remotely, in real time.

Is hiCare Clinic recommended for emergencies?

No, you should not use hiCare Clinic in case of a medical emergency.

*For emergencies, you should call 911 or your local emergency hotline*

hiCare Clinic is meant to be used to connect patients and providers remotely for scheduled tele-consultations.

We recommend using the platform for safe and contact free consultations for contagious infections like COVID-19.

As a provider, do I need to be tech savvy to use hiCare Clinic?

No, our mission is to create a platform which is easy to use and simple yet sophisticated enough to serve all possible needs. This is to ensure anyone, from providers to patients can use it with ease. If you are facing difficulties with something, we are here to help guide you through the whole process. Contact us at hiCare.Support@hiCare.Clinic if you need further help with something.

Do you provide technical support and maintenance?

If you need help with technical support, maintenance, or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at hiCare.Support@hiCare.Clinic anytime, and we will respond to you in 12-24 hours.

Does hiCare Clinic provide me with new patients?

No, at the moment, hiCare Clinic does not provide you with new patients, however, we are looking to add new patients to our platform in the near future and connect them with registered practitioners on the platform. As of now, you can use hiCare Clinic as a tool to remotely connect with your current patients.

Is hiCare Clinic platform really FREE for physicians?

Yes, given the need for digital healthcare in lieu of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are providing our platform for FREE. This will ensure that eligible physicians have a platform to safely treat patients at their convenience and help reduce the number of transmissions.

By using our platform, physicians can reduce potential COVID-19 exposure for those looking to address non-urgent care needs.

What type of payment does hiCare Clinic accept?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as Google and Apple Pay.

Is Hifinite’s hiCare Clinic platform HIPAA compliant?

Yes. At Hifinite, we consider data security and privacy very seriously. Hifinite’s hiCare Clinic platform is HIPAA compliant and we do periodic HIPAA audits to ensure compliance.

Do I have to host any machines or hire an IT staff to deploy or manage the hiCare Clinic platform application?

No. Hifinite's hiCare Clinic platform manages the entire application on the cloud, which means no servers, no IT staff, no support headaches for you as a client. We provide a toll-free number for you to access our reliable and courteous staff.

Which mobile device does hiCare Clinic platform support?

hiCare Clinic platform supports iOS and Android devices. iPads/iPhones and Samsung/LG/HTC/Google devices are supported.

Which browser can I access hiCare Clinic platform from?

hiCare Clinic platform is recommended to be run on Google Chrome. However, most of the features may work on the following browsers as well - Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

How do I schedule a telemedicine appointment?

hiCare Clinic platform allows you to schedule an appointment directly with the provider, without having to talk to someone on the phone. Your ability to see the doctor will depend on the availability of the doctor. You will appreciate the convenience the app offers.

Are video sessions recorded and/or stored?

No. Sessions are not recorded or saved.

How do I enable e-prescription for my clinic?

E-prescription is currently only available for the US based enterprise clients. Check with your system administrator if the feature is available for your clinic. If it is, click your profile icon on the upper right-hand corner > View Profile > Edit Personal Info > switch the toggle button under Settings and provide information on the succeeding screens.

How do I prepare a summary after consulting with my patient?

From the Left-Hand Side menu, click on Schedule > History and look for the consultation that you want to work on and click ‘Add Summary’.

Is there a report that I can view how many consultations I already made?

Yes. Click your Profile icon on the upper right-hand corner of the screen > Revenue and generate the report.

How do my patients access the summary after a consultation?

Yes. From the Left-Hand Side Menu > click on Schedule > History > select the particular consultation > View Summary.

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